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In his treatments or trainings, Mikaël Xystra Montminy uses his different credentials that are: the Usui Reiki, the Karuna Ki, the Lightarian and some principles of Qi Gong, shamanism, Taoism, Buddhism and other energies. Sometimes he incorporates some Pranayama techniques and to improve his energetic level, he regularly attends various energy practices.


Reiki, what is it?



Reiki is an energy that vibrates all around us and in us. This energy healing therapy, gentle and powerful, has an effect on physical, psychological and spiritual levels, thus activating natural healing processes. Reiki is a natural method of treatments that harmonizes and re-balances the body's energy centers, releases the tensions, the physical and emotional blockages, tones all organs, revitalizes and deeply relaxes.




What does the word Reiki mean?



The word "Reiki" is a Japanese word meaning "Universal life force". REI means universal, transcendent spirit, mysterious power, spiritual essence (the equivalent of the soul for Christians). Ki means Energy of the Life Force, all at once: spirit, energy and consciousness. These two terms, REI and KI, put together give the idea of ​​an unlimited energy, unconditional, whose origin is spiritual. It is of an absolute purity and capable of healing the body, the mind and the spirit. It is a force that is in every one of us. This energy is moving in the universe since its creation.




How does the treatment take place?



The treatment takes place in a gentle and welcoming atmosphere including a presentation, a small talk and the share of the intentions for healing. Reiki is done by laying hands on the customer or to a certain distance from his body to work more with the etheric body, which is part of the 7 subtle bodies: physical, etheric, astral, mental, causal, buddhic and atmic bodies. The patient remains fully clothed under a blanket. In the end, he is invited to give his impressions on the treatment and the sensations he felt.





Crédit Daniel Pelletier

What are the effects of Reiki?



  • It works on mental problems, physical and spiritual pains or injuries, scars from the past

  • Helps or eliminates injuries or chronic diseases

  • Dissolves physical and mental tensions

  • Corrects emotional blockages and restores the flow of vital energy

  • Reduces and / or eliminates stress and strengthens the immune system

  • Restores sleep quality

  • Accelerates natural healing and self healing

  • Promotes "let go", restores mental and emotional balance, increases confidence and self-esteem

  • Harmonizes the body and the mind

  • Acts beyond belief

  • Brings vitality, well-being and joy of living

  • Strengthens the ability to recover after trauma

  • Eliminates toxins, purifies and strengthens the organs

  • Optimizes the efficiency of medical treatment

  • Accelerates all spiritual work and personal evolution

  • Treat the root problems



Cost of treatment sessions:



  • Complete treatment of 1h15: $70

  • Short treatment of 45 minutes aiming for the chakras and the main doors of the energy reflexology: $50

  • Full treatment of 1h for dancers-performers and circus artists: $40

  • (For an additional 15 minutes, add 15$)


Depending on the needs, the treatments can target one or more specific points.




The location for receiving the treatments is downtown Quebec.


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Offered Reiki: Usui, Karuna Ki and Lightarian



As a Level 3 Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Ki Reiki Master and Lightarian Reiki Master degrees holder, Mikael is able to offer trainings for Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki and Lightarian.



  • Usui Reiki: Gentle energy work method that helps to heal the physical, mental and emotional balance. Helps relieve pain, fatigue, stress and emotional disorders.


  • Karuna Ki Reiki: Any act done to relieve the suffering of others or act of compassion. To develop Karuna is first of all to develop compassion for yourself.


  • Lightarian Reiki: Offered to awaken humanity to the high and sacred vibrating bands of Reiki and help humanity to enter into this new phase of existence. Available to all humans to accelerate their healing, raise their vibration and prepare them to become "the new humanity."


  • Lightarian Rays: Development tools and initiation to assist, inform, and support the spiritual awakening and personal development by creating a connection with certain energies of ascended masters.




































The teachings usually are done in groups of minimum four persons, depending on the levels and types of Reiki, Normally it's done on 2 consecutives or 4 to 5 days depending on the level and and the Reiki style. The dates, the location and the extra tarification if needed for the participant (Food, Lodging, etc.) are to be precised in fonction of the needs, location and possibilities of each.



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