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Mikaël Xystra Montminy offers physical conditioning classes to professional and amateur dancers, athletes and any other person who wants to develop his practice under professional supervision that respects his limits and his level within safety standards.


The proposed training includes several parts: warm-up, strengthening and active or passive stretching and is based on the person's needs and abilities. A customized program is elaborate and incorporates different techniques and disciplines for optimum results such as Qi Gong, Kung Fu, the "Fitness table ", Pilates, Yoga, Cross fit, plyometrics, isometrics and advanced "calisthenics ".


Mikaël integrates into his training exercises from physical therapy and physiotherapy and is also inspired by the work of Ido Portal, who developed the "movement culture".


Courses on a balanced nutrition and natural supplementation for vegetarians or omnivores athletes are also offered in addition to the physical training if requested.


It is also possible to take warm-up, reinforcing or flexibility courses separately.





  • Exercises to activate the mobility of tendons, prepare the body for a sporting or artistic training


  • Tone and strengthening exercises to awaken the muscles


  • Flexibility exercises to seek the amplitude


Overall, this course aims to obtain the best performance in sports, artistic and physical activities and to prevent injuries.





  • Exercises for body activation and joint warming


  • Tone, strength and stamina exercises


  • Strengthening exercises in stability or amplitude and work on unpredictable movement in order to increase the body’s adaptability


  • Active Stretch


  • Plyometrics, isometrics and "body weight exercises" are also used


Unless requested otherwise the body is trained in its entirety.





  • Muscles and heart activation exercises and joints warming


  • Active and passive stretch


  • Short relaxation


On request, possibility of a more relaxing and meditative version using a mix of positions and stretching, including several of them from yoga and Qi Gong.



For more information or  a customized program :


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