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Early on, Mikaël Xystra Montminy opened himself to different dance styles. At age 7 he practiced jazz ballet and continued with hip-hop, Latin dances and social dances, including ballroom at a competitive level. In high school, he joined the Dance-Study program of The Dance School of Quebec’s professional training

(The École de la Dance du Québec), Quebec, QC). He expanded his ballet training from 2005 to 2008 at The School of Alberta Ballet (Calgary, AB).


Following his trainings and in order to expand his career, Mikaël participated in several intensive courses in ballet and hip-hop (including Los Angeles and New York), in ballet, contemporary and urban dance master classes and benefited from a mentorship with Victor Quijada, choreographer of the RubberbanDance company (Montreal, QC).


Professional dancer in ballet, modern, hip-hop and contemporary, Mikaël continues his improvement in these different styles as well as break dance, Kung Fu and Qi Gong.




Mikaël Performer


In 2008, newly graduated, Mikaël is hired by the  Ballet Kelowna (Kelowna, BC) as one of the principal dancers in contemporary and neoclassical ballet.


He works with some artists such as David Lahay, Gioconda Barbuto and D.A. Hoskins and dances in some classics such as Casse-Noisette and Swan Lake. In 2009, he played the angel in Mozart's Requiem of the Alberta Ballet Company (Calgary, AB).


Back in Quebec in 2010, he performed in La Noce (The company “Le fils d’Adrien danse”  - Harold Rhéaume, Québec, QC) and Tattoo Militaire (Ghislain Turcotte, Quebec) as well as for the Cirque du Soleil in Les Chemins Invisibles. He also dances in the drama musical “A Jamais” in Saguenay (QC) and many other events.


Since 2010, Mikaël is regularly invited as a dancer-choreographer by the dance school L'Entre-Choc in Victoriaville (QC). He interprets solos and duos in some classical ballets of the school production such as La Bayadère (role of Solor), Casse-Noisette (Cavalier roles, Toy / Soldier and Casse-Noisette), Coppelia (role of Franz), La Griffe du Dragon (Dragon role), Swan Lake, Notre Dame de Paris and solos in hip hop shows.


Mikaël is a curious and versatile dancer who can adapt to different dance styles and meet the various needs of events, activities and shows.



Mikaël Teacher and Coach


Since 2005, Mikaël teaches in different contexts both in professional and academic levels, competitive and recreational.


Back in Quebec in 2010, he teaches urban dance and offers workshops on contemporary, hip-hop and ballet at the Dance-Study program of The Dance School of Quebec’s professional training (L'école de danse de Québec) and the dance school L'Entre-Choc. Since 2011, he teaches ballet and contemporary, hip-hop and break dance workshops and offers private lessons at the dance school Quebec Multi Dance Association (QMDA) (Quebec, QC) where he also supervises troops and dancers participating in competitions. He also teaches some professional dancers from Quebec during various occasions.



Mikaël Choreographer


Mikaël took an early interest in the choreography and the creative process. He begins choreographing solos for Les Chemins Invisibles du Cirque du Soleil and the Jack and the Beanstalk for an event. He actively participated in the creation of solos and "pas de deux" in ballet, contemporary, break-dance and hip-hop for the dance school L'Entre-Choc. He also choreographed solos for the dancers of the Quebec Multi Dance Association who participate in competitions.


Since 2011, Mikaël wanting to go further in his creative process and find his own artistic color and choreography has fed himself through the mastery of different dance styles. It is through obtaining grants of Première Ovation (Quebec, QC) , Canada Council of the Art and Jeunes Volontaires (Emploi-Québec) that he deepened his research and choreographic creation.


Mikaël’s main artistic techniques come from ballet (including turns and jumps), urban dance (including popping and waving), break dance, contemporary, as well as martial arts principles and movements. His goal is to create a personal dance style, distinctive and innovative, combining all of these techniques: the break-ballet WXWS.


It is in this context that Mikaël created his dance company Wu Xing Wu Shi in September 2014, to bring a different touch to the world of contemporary dance of Quebec, and work with dancers interested in the diversity and the singularity of his choreographic approach.



Mikaël Reiki Master


Mikaël began intensive training in Reiki in 2011 and currently holds the Usui Reiki Master level 3, Karuna Ki Reiki Master and Lightarian Reiki Master degrees.


His Reiki trainings are an integral part of his personal training and his inspiration, and are incorporated into his choreographic approach in a more or less abstract way.




Crédit Photo Daniel Pelletier, Mikaël Xystra Montminy
Crédit Photo Daniel Pelletier, Mikaël Xystra Montminy
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