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This course that aims for physiological, mental and spiritual balance, is very energizing and good for stress management, relaxation, concentration.



Mikaël Xystra Montminy built his education through his experiences from several sources, mainly his mastering of Reiki, but also from Qi Gong, from the Buddhist and Taoist meditation, from Pranayama breathing and personal discoveries.



Mikaël also uses mantras, symbolic words or short affirmation sentences in some meditations or visualizations.


This course takes place in a suitable environment with adapted music on which participants let themselves be guided in meditation through simple instructions provided by Mikael. As a group, participants share the same intentions and visualize the same sequences, which often boosts the effects of the practice.

For beginners, the concentration and the ease of getting into deep meditation are enhanced.



Possibility of private or semi-private lessons on request.


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