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Rebel Bodies - Exhibition at the Museum of Civilization


As part of the exhibition Rebel Bodies, Mikaël Xystra Montminy will be at the Museum of Civilization from 12th to the 17th of May 2015 along with three of his dancers: Odile-Amelie Peters, Charles-Alexis Desgagnés and Christine Laguë in Quebec.


With this so-called immersive exhibition, the Museum intends to demystify the art of choreography. The course was indeed designed to make the visitor be a part in the dance movement, thanks to a workshop created by the multimedia production company Moment Factory, amongst other things, where everyone will be invited to join the dance...



Rebel Bodies also made a special place for the figureheads of Quebec dance that are Marie Chouinard, Louise Lecavalier, Margie Gillis and Daniel Léveillé, but also the next shift of the Quebec dance scene; a shift which Mikaël Xystra Montminy is undoubtedly a part of.



The event will take place as an open laboratory; a living creation entitled Transire Therion. The creative work, on which Mikaël will work, will be based on the organicity, primitiveness, the links between the body and nature, including the symbolic of the five elements and the six totem animals.



A great experience for the audience, but also for the performers who will fully give themselves to the curious onlookers.



See the link for the event Rebel Bodies.




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