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Created in September 2014, the professional dance company Wu Xing Wu Shi (WXWS) is a non-profit organization (NPO) with two objectives:



  • The research, development and affirmation of its unique style, the break-ballet Wu Xing Wu Shi (WXWS)

  • To respond to specific choreographic needs in different styles for artistic, corporate and other events.


The choreographer Mikaël Xystra Montminy brings a new aspect to dance by fusing styles: contemporary, ballet and street dances. The goal is to conjure an eclectic audience and offer dance evolution: a constant search for balance between technicality, physicality, emotion and interpretation. It's time for new inspirations, evolution and wonder!


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Break-Ballet Wu Xing Wu Shi (WXWS)



The style created by the choreographer Mikaël Xystra Montminy : the WXWS Break-Ballet. Makes our company unique. No single dance style could express the artistic vision of Mikaël nor make it vibrate like the break-ballet does. Wu Xing Wu Shi is simply freedom of choice and motion.


Mikaël is motivated by the physical representation, a perfect combination of the natural splendor of the body: the "physicality" and the depth of interpretation sometimes more theatrical or abstract. According to him, this complementary fusion makes tenfold the artistic expression. It's aerial and terrestrial, the yin and the yang, the celestial and the animal, the intellectual and the emotional.


The break-ballet WXWS combines classical ballet and street dance to a contemporary artistic line where the martial arts like Kung Fu and Qigong Wudang find their place. This is a true fusion resulting in a set of homogeneous and fluid movements. The philosophy and the practice of martial arts inspire Mikaël a lot in his approach to dance, they are an integral part of the break-ballet WXWS.


In this philosophy the elements of nature, some energy practices or the animals characterize a symbolism and represent a movement. The break-ballet WXWS is mainly inspired by the five elements of Buddhism, Hinduism or even the Godai (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Ether or Energy) as well as "totem" animals of these philosophies: the Tiger, the Snake, the Dragon, the Eagle, the Wolf or the Monkey. All of these symbols, these elements and concepts, are pervasive in the creative process and the philosophy of the company. They also inspired the name of the Wu Xing Wu Shi Company, which means "Warrior dancing on the five elements ".



Training of the performers



The philosophy of the Wu Xing Wu Shi Company and its choreographer is reflected in the choreographic work but also in the commitment of its dancers. The company offers a specific approach in order for the performers to be healthier, that is physically, mentally and spiritually stronger to dance longer.



Many influences and different technics are included in the training



* For instance, martial arts like Qi Gong and Kung Fu are used as well as learning how to use their Chi helps gaining strength, flexibility and endurance.



* General training with Fitness table, Pilates and Isometry, plyometric, resistance and explosive training for a better efficiency and gain better performance in swings, jumps and floor work. It allows better preparation and use of the body, prevents injuries, helps to maintain proper posture, stability in unstable condition, the strength, the flexibility and endurance.



* Dance classes in ballet, break, contemporary and hip hop.



* Meditation, visualization, energy technics coming from yoga, Reiki, Qi Gong to increase the results of

the performers, and the quality of their style and their faculty of interpretation.



The company wants to help dancers during the training process as well as giving them support and advices on different levels like dietetic, the use of natural supplements and all other information that can help them to achieve an ideal, better level of equilibrium, health and performance.



Clearly Wu Xing Wu Shi wishes to give the best toolbox for his dancers, in order to optimize their capacities and transcend their limits, while respecting their physical capacities.



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